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fetish erotica for Adults

    I'm glad to know you're excited about new fetish erotica for adults in e-books I have in the works. My mind never quits envisioning scenes to entice my readers to want more sexy reads about BDSM erotica. That's not to say all of my books will include fetish BDSM, but they'll all be erotic stories just for you!  to see the progress I'm making on upcoming books.

'Through His Lens' Series

     Back in July 2013, I wrote a short 500 word erotic story just for fun, or so I thought, and the two characters, Sandi and Kiera, haven't left me. They've been feeding me bits and pieces of themselves until I wrote more about them.
     Their opening story comes to life in the anthology titled Erotic Fantasies, released in March, 2015. As I wrote their story, I realized they had so much more to tell that even one story wouldn't be enough for you to get to know them well.
     Sandi and Kiera are best friends and live together in Sandi's apartment. She's had strong feelings for Kiera ever since they moved in together, but she's kept those feelings to herself. Sandi's relationships with men were ruined long before she even hit her teens and the men in Kiera's life only keep her around when they need to abuse someone. Kiera has tried to make her relationships work, yet unsure of why they don't.
     I hope you grab your FREE copy of the anthology, Erotic Fantasies, and that you enjoy my story of Sandi and Kiera. Their journey continues in 'Through His Lens' series in book one, Dreams Do Come True. Book two, New Horizons, is in the works. You can leave your comments on my testimonial page so others can read them, too. Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to leave your book reviews online for others at the online stores. We thank you for that!

For Your Pleasure

     Light erotica picture books are becoming popular and this series includes ideas to keep date night special between you and your partner. I hope you'll enjoy the books. I'm having fun putting them together for you.
     There is no nudity included, only sexy women in lingerie to tempt your sexual desires and re-ignite the passion between you and your partner.   Volume 3 is in the works!

Each issue is



'Wild Fillies' Series - Dani's Story


  This will be book two in my new series for Dani and Jesse as well as those who love a little more spice in there cowboy stories! As I create the characters, locations, plots, and....SEXUAL tension, I'll post the progress to give you more insight into what'll be happening and with who!

     You won't want to miss these books if you love rugged cowboys who not only tame their horses but also the wild two-legged fillies that will complete the stories.

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Wild Fillies

'The Boss's Pet' series

Watch for Book Six!!

     Book six is not titled yet, but the story moves to parties in Puerta Vallarta! You won't want to miss what happens for Nick and Sondra, as well as the other characters who joined them in book five. Master Buck and his pet will return to join up with his fellow Doms to treat their subs to sun and a resort for the naughty at heart, complete with poles, necessary equipment, and spanking rooms! They will all be begging for release.
     If you've not read book five yet, grab your copy and meet those who obeyed Under Her Command! You may be shocked.
Master's Email
Book 2 and 3??

     Many of you have written wanting to know more about Colt and Alexis. Well, I'm still considering this so should future books become available in yet another series, I'll post that in my newsletters and blog. Thank you for loving my characters!