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Adult Erotic Romance

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    I know many of you have wanted a few short stories to renew the spark of your imagination. Pleasure between you and your partner doesn't have to be bland and I hope one or two of these can renew that for you. I'd love to know if they helped...leave a comment on the
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     This is NEW and I hope to add more short stories as time goes on. Thank you for stopping by and please share this page with your friends.

      A short story from a submissive about her reward day from her Master as she waits as instructed in their spa room at home. She's been on her best behavior
and he's promised her something special. He knows she loves it when he gives her a massage and she can't wait to feel his hands on her body, loosening her knotted muscles. His hands are gentle and soothing and take her into a peaceful zone that wraps her in the love they share.

     I hope you enjoy this short erotic story - this does involve adult sexual activities and if this offends you, I recommend you NOT read it. Please consider this a fair warning of the strong sexual content in the story. For those who enjoy reading my BDSM series, I'm sure you'll also enjoy this one.