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Their Submissive Switch w/lesbian fetish erotica

XXX Excerpt of Their Submissive Switch:

For those of you who LOVE the F/f scenes that include lesbian fetish BDSM erotica, here's one for YOU! Books 3, 4 and 5 have scenes that include lesbian fetish erotica - I hope you enjoy the e-books:


       An hour later, dressed in his leathers, Master Omar announced a tour of their dungeon and cheers filled the patio area. "We have four guides, each prepared to take a group, so refresh your drinks, gather 'round and let's get started."

     Krystal appeared dressed in her full leather bondage gear with her flogger in hand and joined Nick and Sondra. "Rico, I think I'd like to see you on the cross, stripped and ready for a flogging!"

     "I'd love to be your toy, Mistress."

     Nick laughed, knowing full well Rico would take whatever Krystal had in store for him and harden on demand.

     "If Mistress Krystal gets Rico, it looks like I get Nick and since Sondra is new, she gets to watch."

     Nick glanced at Katherine. She knew her way around the Domme role without a doubt.  "Be sure you don't get close once I'm free of your restraints. You may get more than you bargained for."

     With fresh drinks, Nick took Sondra's hand and his group followed Krystal inside. Everyone had at least two or three drinks so they wouldn't hold back if they wanted to try something or remove any clothing.

     The elevator held six people at a time and eventually Nick walked into the dungeon with Sondra, her eyes widened with interest as she looked into each room. One in particular had steps leading down into a stone dungeon where they listened to Krystal explain what some of the equipment was used for and why. "We'll meet back in here once we finish in the next room. Remember that...we're coming back here but I'll remind you."

     As they stepped into the next room dimly lit and with chains hanging from the ceiling and rings on the walls, Sondra noticed a huge wooden St. Andrews Cross standing in the corner.

     Krystal stuck her flogger into a D-ring on her belt and stepped up onto the pedestal. When she turned around, Sondra stood closest to her. "Have you been on one of these yet, Sondra? It's not as scary as it looks. Come up here and just lay back against it. Somehow it plays games with your mind that you have to experience firsthand."

     Sondra glanced at Nick and then took the hand Krystal extended to help her up onto the pedestal and moved aside so Sondra could stand in the center of the cross. "I've never had an opportunity to try one yet."

     "Then let's start by just having you place your arms up against the wood. Nick, would you take her drink?"

     Nick gladly took the glass from Krystal and stepped back to watch the show he was sure would begin soon.

     Rico stood beside him to watch as Katherine inched her way closer to the women. "I think things are about to get quite interesting."

     Taking one of Sondra's hands, Krystal slowly placed it higher on the wood near a leather restraint but didn't use it - yet. "Rest your head back against the wood and close your eyes; feel the cool sensation seep into your skin. Keeping your eyes closed, spread your feet apart...further, until they touch the wood. Can you step up onto the foothold there? Careful. That?s it. Katherine, hold her other hand up on that side so she can get the full experience."

  Rico leaned toward Nick. ?This might be good for Sondra. She?s at least willing to try and once Krystal gets her comfortable there, you know as well as I do what will happen next.?

  ?She?s going to hate it and love it at the same time.? Nick wouldn?t step in, he knew better than to interrupt a scene and that?s exactly what was taking place.

  Katherine stretched high to get Sondra?s hand near the restraint, then glanced at Krystal. ?How are you doing, Sondra??

  Keeping her eyes closed and her head pressed against the wood, she appeared to be calm. ?I?m fine. Actually standing up here in position is erotic.?

  ?Can you feel the wood and its coolness seeping in to speak to you? Let?s go a step further and put the restraints on your wrists.?

  Krystal didn?t wait for approval and nodded to Katherine to do the same. Each of them secured her wrists tight and Nick saw her tug momentarily on each side and hoped she wouldn?t panic. He wanted her to experience the cross and what better time for that to happen than now?

* * * * *

  Sondra stood there in her now dark world as her heart raced. She wasn?t sure if it was from being secured to the cross, unable to move her arms, or if it was the excitement of having two women in charge of her being restrained. They?d ordered her to keep her eyes closed so she didn?t dare disobey. The woman wouldn?t hesitate to spank her bare ass in front of Nick and Rico.

  Hands wrapped around each ankle and one at a time, they moved her foot up onto a foothold. Once each foot stood steady, leather straps secured her ankles. Taking a deep breath, she hoped to slow her heart that rushed blood through her eardrums.

  Light stroking touches moved up each leg until the hands lightly caressed the inside of her knees and higher. Juices seeped past her lips; she could feel her thong getting soaked.

  Then everything stopped and she waited in her dark world.

  A blindfold gently covered her eyes and got tighter.

  Panic hit.

  Sondra took a deep breath as warm hands stroked down her face, down her neck and across her chest.

  Then she heard chains.

  They jangled as if on purpose for her benefit.

  Suddenly...they connected to the D-rings on each side of her collar which pulled it higher on her neck and now she couldn?t move her head at all.

  Now her heart pounded against her chest.

  Another slow deep breath. She could do this.

  Is this what she?d wanted all along? To be at the mercy of other women and experience what they could do to her body?

  The buttons on the front of her dress were being undone down to her waist.

  ?Katherine, unhook that wrist and put it through her dress. We?ll do one arm at a time.?

  At that, Sondra tugged on her arm and whimpered.

  Fingers gently, but firmly, gripped her face.

  A warm breath moved against her ear. ?One more sound...and Rico will bring me a ball gag for you. Is that understood??


  Now nails touched her face as the grip tightened. ?Yes, what??

  ?Yes, Mistress.?

  ?You learn fast, subbie. You are here for my classes. Consider this your first. You will learn tonight.?

  The restraint loosened on her left arm and was put through the arm of her dress and re-tightened. Then her right arm was freed, taken through the other arm hole and restrained again.

  Sondra felt her cheeks heat as she realized she could soon be totally exposed. The top of her dress would drop for sure and they?d see the leather corset with her protruding nipples that Nick had made her wear beneath her dress. Her nipples had already puckered and tightened.

  Erotic excitement tingled along each nerve everywhere in her body. Sondra couldn?t help the clenching of her inner muscles as the juices seeped from between her lips to soak her thong. To have another woman see her nude seemed wrong yet so erotic. Having it forced on her took away all her reluctance because now the choice was no longer hers, freeing her to enjoy what was being done to her.

  Nick...and Rico! Oh my god! She?d almost forgotten they were against the wall on the other side watching every move.

  She moaned in humiliation.

  Light strokes moved down each arm toward her shoulder, down her sides and taking the top of her dress with them. Cool air hit her nipples to pucker them even more.

  She heard Krystal gasp. Hot lips surrounded one nipple, sucking her hard, sending sexual sensations through her body. Pressing her head back against the wooden cross, her tight collar restricted her movements.

  White hot pain seared through the darkness as teeth bit into her nipple.

  Unexpected shock.

  Just as quickly, it let up...only to move to the other nipple. Hot lips and tongue laved over her puckered skin, teasing, taunting, sucking...then pain!

  Her head slammed against the wood again.

  Teeth dug in and held longer this time.

  Sondra clenched her jaw and her fists. She could take this. It was just a test.

  Hang in there. Breathe!

  The pain subsided, leaving more pain in its wake.

  She waited, not sure what would happen next.

  Movement on both sides of her distracted her thoughts.

  The hem of her dress lifted and was being secured at her waist along with the top of her dress also now at her waist. Cool air hit where her dress had been. Hands lightly teased the insides of her thighs, the tops of her nylons and the connecting garters.

  Then a strap secured her hips to the cross.

  Sondra?s inner muscles took on a life of their own, begging to be touched and caressed.

  ?Nick, I love her leathers...and nipple holes? Very nice. Katherine, I?m so glad you came down here with us. Please grab those nipple clamps...the tweezer ones, please. Hold onto them for a moment.?

  A sharp breath forced its way into Sondra?s lungs when she heard that.

  She waited, listened.

  Waiting only made her wetter. She wasn?t sure how this lifestyle had come to excite her so much or maybe it was the excitement of being blindfolded and be displayed for others?

  Krystal pinched her nipples again, twisting, turning, and tugging on them. Her body pressed hard against Sondra?s and Krystal slid her hands up her arms as her lips and tongue moved along Sondra?s neck. Now her heart pounded in her ears as the sensual feelings took over her body, nearly begging to be touched everywhere.

  Pressure against her mons only heightened the need she didn?t want to admit she craved. Sondra moved her head from side to side, fighting the need until hands cupped her face and Krystal?s tongue slipped past her lips, sucking Sondra?s tongue inside her mouth, swirling, teasing...then pulled away, sucking her lower lip as she did so.

  Sondra panted, unable to fight it any longer.

  Hunger built within every nerve ending.

  ?You didn?t know another woman could make you want to be touched so badly, did you, subbie? Women think only a man can make them feel like this. You?ll learn differently this week. I will have you begging me.? Krystal slid her hand down Sondra?s stomach, slowly going lower until her fingers inched inside the thong and covered her mons.

  Sondra held her breath.

  Fingers moved lower and spread her lips apart and air hit her clit. She could feel the nails holding back her lips.

  ?Katherine, come over here and blow on our sub?s pussy. She needs to feel that.?

  Now Katherine?s fingers touched her to pull her thong to the side, exposing her pussy so Nick and Rico would see, too. Cool air surrounded her clit and it puckered and engorged, tightening her inner muscles at the same time.

  Sondra whimpered again, hating yet loving that she was exposed against her will.

  ?I love that this is getting to you. Whimpers and a racing heart...sexual needs begging to be satisfied. Am I right??

  Sondra clenched her fists as she fought the urges. ?Yes, Mistress.?

  ?You want me, don?t you??

  ?Yes...I want you to touch me, Mistress...please??

  ?Touch you where, slut??

  This was humiliating but she didn?t care, she needed to come. ?I want your fingers in my pussy, Mistress. Please??


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