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Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

Play Safe, Use Your Brain, Keep It Consensual

      I'm glad you clicked on this page. It tells me you are at least aware of a few unwritten rules when it comes to BDSM, bondage and sex play. Thank you for that!

       Below, I will list sites that are a good starting place for those interested in knowing how to move around in and get started in the world of bondage, the BDSM lifestyle and more. Most people visit because of curiosity and find once they try some of the activities, they enjoy the mind games that go along with this. By mind games, I mean what happens in your head in the sexuality compartment of the brain.

      During, say, a Dom/sub activity, the sub gives up control and is 'forced' to accept what her/his Dom allows them to enjoy. In their mind, they aren't responsible for having to say yes or no, in a sense; they now have to obey and it's okay for them. They may secretly want to be 'forced' to allow someone else to use their body and give them pleasure.

      I'm not into a lot of pain so you won't see needle play or anything like that in my books or on my pages. That delves a bit into the maso/sado fields and I just don't go there. Sorry.

      Please enjoy the sites I've listed and I'll add more as we go. Please know that this is not something to enter into lightly and both partners need to know the rules each of you play by and a safeword is a MUST. On my 'Links' you will find other erotic authors who may also have safety/how to links on their pages as well.

      Have fun and happy reading!




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