Adult Erotic Romance Author
Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

New Horizons
Book Two

    Sandi hoped Lady Ciara would be pleased with her photo session today as she tied the red silk laces of the black leather corset she’d been given. Her breasts mounded nicely over the top and Sandi lightly ran her fingers over each one, proud she’d kept herself in good shape. She turned before the mirror to see if her ass looked as good as she’d hoped in the thong and garter that attached to the lacey nylons. Red snakeskin stilettos were perfect as they matched the red laces of the corset. When Kiera groaned, Sandi turn toward her.

     “I love watching you get ready for your photo shoots, it just gets me horny and I know I can’t do anything until we get back to our room later.” Kiera wet her lips and massaged one of her breasts, her gaze moving up and down the length of Sandi’s body.

     “It does the same for me, hon. I’ll be ready for whatever you have planned tonight.” Sandi packed a few of their toys and lubes, hoping Kiera would use them on her later.

     With a knock on the door, it opened before Sandi could say a word. An older woman strode in carrying a black crop with her head held high; her blonde hair hung from a tight pony tail. A younger black female followed a few paces behind, but walked straight and tall. The first woman dressed in a sassy Domme outfit of black leather that fit her body like a glove, with matching knee-high stiletto boots. The one piece suit zipped up the front, but stopped at mid-breast to showcase her full double-D breasts squeezed tight, creating a cleavage Sandi would die to explore and she had to moisten her lips.

     Her heart thudded against her chest. If Lady Ciara didn’t like the results of today’s shoot, she could be out of a job. The younger black woman gave Sandi a once over. Both women slowly made a circle around Sandi and she stood still for inspection. The leather crop moved Sandi’s hair to the side and then trailed slowly over her shoulder and down her arm. When the women stood in front her, Sandi kept her gaze lowered as the crop come up to her left shoulder, moved over the mound of each breast, ending back in the center to trail down her cleavage.

     When the crop touched Sandi’s chin, it lifted her face up and Sandi met Lady Ciara’s emerald green gaze. “Very nice. I like what I see. Your portfolio was spot on. Daniel has good taste in models. Turn your head to the left and then to the right.”

     Sandi did as she was told, trying to keep her heart from racing out of control.

     “You have great features. We could work well together and both make a few bucks...if you work out well with the other girls.”

     Madame nodded to the black girl, who stepped behind Sandi. Again, her hair was lifted to the side, the girl’s arm moved around Sandi’s waist and warm lips touched the curve of her neck. Daniel told you to be prepared for anything. Sandi was glad she’d not gasped at being kissed. What she wasn’t prepared for were the sensual caresses to her breasts. Nails brushed over her nipples that had puckered the minute she’d laid eyes on both women. Her breasts were crushed within the fondling hands and Sandi’s pussy leaked onto the thong.  Damnit!

     When a tongue moved teasingly over her skin toward her shoulder, a moan slipped from Sandi’s throat and she made a move to lean away.

     The crop crisply touched beneath her chin and Sandi stared into her narrowed gaze. “Tiana does as she’s told and will show you the ropes of how we do things here. You’d be wise to pay attention if you want to make any money at my place. Mandi is also available should you have any questions. Daniel is setting up now for the shoot, don’t keep him waiting. I’ll meet with you later.”

     The blood drained from her face and her knees weakened. “Thank you, ma’am.”

     Lady Ciara lowered her crop, glanced at Kiera, turned and sauntered from the room. The sway of her hips caught Sandi’s attention and churned her curiosity about the woman’s sexual interests. She obviously loved women’s bodies to even be in this type of business, but it was the way she demanded control when she entered a room.

     Another warm kiss to her shoulder, along with a caress over the mound of her breasts reminded Sandi what was happening.

     “My name is Tiana. You’re a beautiful woman.” She released Sandi and moved to stand in front of her. “Madame takes pride in her girls and the attention they grab from the advertisers. There are many opportunities here to earn money.” Tiana winked at her. “You keep yourself in great shape. In this business, we have to, right? I hope we’ll be working together often.”

     Tiana smelled like an exotic flower as she stood closer.

     “Is that Kiera?”

     “Yes.” Sandi admired Tiana’s dark golden complexion. She had to be part Latino as well as black and her full lips made Sandi want to kiss her right there. Her breasts spilled out above her tight tank top and spiked heels accentuated her tight ass in the black leggings.

     “Kiera’s gorgeous.” Tiana leaned. “I hope we get to know each other well. It makes the shoots more fun. I’ll see you in the other room.” She winked at Kiera as her tongue wet her lips. “I’ll save you a seat for the photo shoot, love.” Tiana strode from the room wiggling her ass for attention.

     When the door shut, Sandi’s mouth dropped open and she looked at Kiera who stood and walked toward her. “Did you read between the same lines that I did? Holy shit. What has Daniel gotten us into?”

     Kiera wrapped her arms around Sandi and hugged her tight. “I think I did. It certainly sounds like more than just movies and photo shoots. The hunger in Tiana’s eyes could be read several ways. I can’t wait to sit next to her and hear what she has to tell me about this Lady Ciara.”

     “No shit. Is Daniel aware of what all she does here? We’re finding out, but if it’s what I think, maybe you’ll learn more than you want to know.” Sandi slapped Kiera’s ass and headed to the door.

     In the main room, Daniel adjusted his lights around a bed covered in red satin while Ciara stood by. It didn’t take long for Sandi to notice his interest in the older blonde. Then again, he’s known her for a while. I don’t have a right to be jealous. I had my chance with him. She had to be thankful he’d suggested this job for both her and Kiera.

     Daniel turned as she approached. “There’s my star. Very nice outfit, I must say. I think we’re ready for you. Lady Ciara is anxious to see you work.” He motioned toward the bed. “If you’ll begin by laying over the pillows in the center and give me your sexiest look.” He stepped behind his camera and adjusted the lens.

     Sandi crawled onto the soft satin, positioned herself sideways on the pillows and watched as Kiera sat next to Tiana. The young woman’s hand already claimed Kiera’s crossed knee and stayed there as she leaned to kiss Kiera on the cheek. She whispered something to Kiera, but would have to wait until later to find out what she said.

     A warm hand on Sandi’s shoulder straightened her back and then fingers reached inside the bustier to adjust her breasts. Sandi met Lady Ciara’s gaze. “Thank you, Madame.”

     Oh my god! I think I can adjust my own body. Sandi took in a deep breath as her as her nipples puckered.

     “Isn’t that better, Daniel? She’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished pictures.”

     Click. Click.

     “Relax. I’ll take a few while you get comfortable. Now give me that smoky look, babe, like you want your lover up there with you.” Daniel snapped several in a row.

     Ciara stood by the camera and Sandi caught her hungry look as her tongue slid over her lips. Then direct eye contact sent Sandi a message of wanton eagerness she couldn’t ignore. There was no longer a doubt in her mind Ciara wanted on the bed with her. Sandi couldn’t look away and Ciara shifted where she stood.

     The ice queen craves women!

     Sexual thoughts went through Sandi’s mind that involved Ciara naked, her full breasts protruding just for her enjoyment. The visual images were exactly along the lines that Sandi wanted to explore and had no doubt she’d find out soon enough just what this woman wanted. That she’d move this quickly on day one did surprise Sandi.

     “That’s the look I’m after. Damn, these are going to be great photos. Whatever you’re thinking, Sandi, keep it up.”

     Ciara reached into a nearby cupboard and came toward Sandi carrying wrist and ankle restraints! “Daniel, I have a customer who pays well for these types of photos.” She lifted the restraints so he could see and soon stood beside the bed closest to Sandi’s feet. “These will make the viewers sit up a bit straighter when they see you in these.” She carefully strapped on each fur-lined cuff. “Now sit up so I can get these on your wrists.”

     Sandi did as instructed and scooted closer with outstretched arms as Ciara proceed to buckle them on.

     Click. Click.

     A groan came from behind the camera. “I’m keeping a copy of these for me.”

     His deep laughter made Sandi smile until she looked at Ciara. “Please lay back on the pillows with your arms over your head and put your wrists together. Lift your knees so I can put the other pillows beneath your legs. That’ll make the ankle restraints visible.” Ciara moved Sandi’s body exactly where she wanted and then readjusted her breasts again, dipping her fingers inside the bustier to push her breasts together for better cleavage. “God you look good enough to flog.”

     Ciara slid off the bed and stood near the camera. “Doesn’t she just make your cock as hard as a rock? How can you work with her so easy? I’d want to take her after every shoot.”

     Sandi had hear every word, but she knew that was Lady Ciara’s intention. This woman must get everything and everyone she wants. Sandi moved her hips to get comfortable, but a wet thong didn’t help either. Kiera would get it good tonight once they hit their room.

     Ciara ordered several other positions and Daniel obliged, taking more shots of Sandi. Some positions Daniel would never have asked her to do, but Lady Ciara was now in charge. There was no mistaking that.


     Two hours later, the shoot ended and Sandi was more horny than tired. She had changed into four other outfits and loved every minute.

     “Daniel, I can’t wait to see the proofs. I told a few of my customers we had a new model coming in and they want to see them, too. Told them the price would be higher for this one!” Lady Ciara winked at Sandi as she tipped her head, making her pony tail sway. “I’ll have my driver bring the girls back to your motel later tonight. I want to get to know them before they leave New York.”

       “Sure. That’ll give me time to look these over tonight.”

       Sandi glanced between the two of them, not sure she’d heard correctly, yet Daniel seemed fine with her and Kiera spending time with Lady Ciara.

      “Sandi, dear, I’ll wait here for you to change. Do hurry. Don’t keep me waiting.”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt and are squirming for book two!