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Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

New Horizons
Book Two
Through His Lens series

     Book two is in the creation process and currently has no release date yet. You can subscribe to my newsletter where you'll be one of the first to know the release date when it happens.
Daniel is the photographer and everything is 'Through His Lens' so he can bring you up close and personal with the models he films. He is going to allow you to follow him on location when he receives a call from Lady Ciara, a good friend who he knows is into the bondage thing. She's a Dominatrix, loves men as much as she does women, and is good at what she does. Last time Daniel did a job for her, he was paid well entailed a bit more than photography. She has a way of getting beneath a man's skin and showing him that being submissive to her is not a bad thing. At least he didn't think so. She taught him things about himself he had no idea existed in the back of his kinky mind and Daniel thought he knew it all.

      Lady Ciara owns a lingerie company with ties to the erotic film industry, wants Daniel to work with her girls and perhaps do a short film or two. Now...her girls are all into each other and those who aren't, she trains to obey. He's not sure what she has on each of the girls, but he's not heard of any of them backing out or disappearing. Their bodies are her property and she hates them with any visible signs of abuse. Those who leave marks are the only people who disappear. 

     Daniel's excited to do the job, hoping to get his foot in the door with the erotic film company who he's wanted to work with for years. Now that his work is getting noticed by a few of the better companies, his reputation is preceding him.

      Book two will be as erotic as book one and you'll be craving to get your fingers wet as this book whets your imagination. The story is dominated by Lady Ciara, above, who pulls Sandi and Kiera into her stall of upcoming models to star in her movies. First, she has to be sure they're compatible with her current stars and that all of them can work well together as they portray lovers in her movies. Can Sandi accept that Lady Ciara finds Kiera more than attractive? Her new relationship with Kiera is still in its beginning stages and now she has competitors for Kiera's heart. Read an interview with Lady Ciara from book two.

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