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Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

                Master's Email - XXX-Rated Excerpt



    After her hot morning shower and shaving as usual, per his daily instructions, she toweled off and gently patted dry between her thighs. She couldn’t resist touching her lips that were again as smooth as a baby’s behind; her inner muscles tightened just thinking of Master’s tongue running over each one, then sneaking a gentle suck on her nub.

     Glancing at the freshly washed anal plug next to the tube of lube, she carefully spread the gel over the huge pink rubber head. Placing a foot on the edge of the tub, her back to the door and the camera, she reached between her legs and slowly inserted the plug a little at a time, withdrawing, then inserting a little deeper with each stroke.

      Knowing Colt would eventually watch this, if he wasn’t already, she whimpered as though in pain just for him as the plug went deeper. He’d given her a larger plug before he left and she was to show him that she could take it all while he was gone.

      She took a deep breath as she pushed back against the plug and let it slip in all the way, panting as she tried to relax and accept it. Her anal ring squeezed tight around the plug so it wouldn’t slip and she couldn’t resist rubbing her breasts, to distract from the pain, wishing Colt were there to do this for her. She turned back toward the camera, pinched each nipple and blew him a kiss.

      Stepping in front of the mirror, again squeezing her nipples to a pert hardness, she picked up each tweezer nipple clamp and placed first one then the other just behind each nipple. His instructions stated she was to do this every hour throughout the day, but didn’t have to wear them to the basement with Master Buck.

      Her image in the mirror was definitely a sexy one; constant exercise kept her toned for her Master but he also kept himself trim for her enjoyment. The nipple clamps had beveled jewels that dangled from the bottom of each clamp along with a small weight heavy enough that she wouldn’t forget they were there. Each reddened nipple protruded as if to beg for his touch.

      The muscles around her plug still spasmed to hold it tight and she tried to think of something other than the new pain of a larger plug.

      Alexis stepped into her tightest thong so his plug would stay in place as she went about her day around the house, wearing nothing else but the thong and clamps. That way Master’s carefully placed cameras throughout the house gave him access to see her body so he could watch the playbacks.

      He’d also instructed her to pose at a camera after the clamps were in place each hour so he could admire her at his choosing…his favorite pose was for her to spread her feet with her back to the camera and grab her ankles for one minute. If she weren’t as kinky as Colt, she’d object to this but he knew she’d also get wet for him at the same time.

      With the plug in place, the thong secure and the jeweled weights dangling from the nipple clamps, she proceeded back to the bedroom to stand before his camera there. She slowly crawled on the bed, staying on all fours, and spread her knees. Placing her head and shoulders on the bed, she reached behind her to slowly pull her cheeks apart, knowing he could see the base of the plug held in by the thong. She pressed the base as she pulled the thong to one side so he could get a good look at her freshly shaven lips and how wet her lips were.

      Performing for him got her as excited as it did him so she loved doing this. If he were watching now, would he be stroking himself? Should she give him a little more show? Slowly she spread her lips and a finger dipped inside. She couldn’t believe how slippery she was! Squeezing tight around the plug only sent a sparking need through her body and she wanted his hands on her, exciting her, making her come for him.

      Alex pressed the plug to move it as her fingers dipped inside, then plunged inside. She couldn’t help it! She was so hot and slippery that she had to spread those juices over her throbbing clit and as she did so, it stood at attention, begging to be rubbed. Her breathing increased as she contemplated the consequences of coming while Master watched, knowing this was one of his forbidden rules.

       But he got her so excited by making her do this today, she couldn’t stop.

     Slippery juices slathered in her hand as she spread them over her lips and clit, feeling the hard nub and how good it felt to touch and stroke it.

      Her heart raced.

     A moan of pleasure slipped past her lips, loud enough she knew he had to hear it. As she stroked, suddenly the damn of pleasure broke and warm fluid covered her fingers. She couldn’t get enough as she pumped the anal plug, enjoying every huge stroke it made deep inside of her.

    Panting, stroking, not wanting to stop but knowing she’d gone beyond the acceptable with Master, she collapsed onto her side and squeezed her thighs together, wishing Master was there to fill her. She let the thong slip back into place and tasted the juice on her fingers, letting Master watch as her tongue moved slowly over each one, then as she sucked, savoring the taste with a moan. Surely she’d have to pay for this when he got home, but he shouldn’t leave her alone for so long.

      Remembering why she was in here in the first place, she sat on the edge of the bed, clasped her fingers behind her head while the camera took in the full view of the jeweled clamps and pink protruding nipples for Master. He loved seeing her full breasts with his clamps; it definitely got her excited.

      Finally, she pressed her breasts together for Master and slowly stuck out her tongue all the way just to tease him. She headed into the bathroom to remove the clamps, as he stated she could, as long as she knew to return in an hour to put them back on and proceed to another camera. For now, she washed her hands, refilled her coffee mug and went in to read the article one more time before sending it on to her editor.

      Before sitting down, Alex placed a folded towel on her chair. Her honey flowed too easily today as she contemplated her performances on the hour.

      Sniffing, she could smell her own sex and smiled. Master would be pleased.

     Each time she sat down, his plug reminded her of who was in charge. She didn’t have to stay in the relationship; she could choose to leave anytime she wanted but her strong submissive side convinced her to stay. Confident with whom she was and what she did, she loved pleasing the man she lived with. They agreed not to see other people during their unique relationship and they spent much of their free time together. ‘Best friends’ is what she’d compared it to.

      Squirming on the plug one more time, her muscles involuntarily tightened around it as her breath sucked into her lungs. Enjoyment? She could probably agree with that or she wouldn’t allow herself to do what she did.


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