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Come Tame Me

Book 1

     Come Tame Me is western romance fiction with sexy cowboys that takes place in Jackson Hole to keep you reading and craving what they do to our minds. My feisty heroines can stand on their own two feet against the world if need be. Cassandra's sharp shooting skills surpass even the men who compete and those same skills come in handy when she's presented with the challenge of taking back her father's ranch in Wyoming.
     But she also worries about the relationship she'd had with Gabe ten years ago and she knows they will see each other. Can she forgive him and start over to work on re-establishing what they had? She has to admit, cowboy sex was good between them before! Or will she turn him away and hire a new manager for the ranch? Download your copy of this contemporary romance to see if these two can convince the other to let down the walls around their broken hearts.

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