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Master's Email

     Master's Email is a sexy short story perfect for those who want a quick read yet become friends with the characters and want to know more about them. Colt and Alexis are in a Dom/sub lifestyle and it works for them, while Colt wonders if she misbehaves on purpose to get a spanking. See how Colt and Alexis have expanded their world in this contemporary adult romance.

     Each day, first thing in the morning, Alexis knows she has to check her email. What surprise will her master have for her to perform today? The hidden cameras placed around the house capture her activities so he can view them at work. Some activities she's been ordered to perform, some she does as a treat for her Master. She can't help misbehaving in hopes of being spanked when he gets home.

     Alexis and Colt also make an appearance in Book 5 of The Boss's Pet series below!

Reading is for 18+ due to mature content.

Be sure to read the books in The Boss's Pet series:
Book #1: The Contract
Book #2: Office Training Goes Home
Book #3: Sharing Among Friends
Book #4: Their Submissive Switch
Book #5: Under Her Command

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