Adult Erotic Romance Author
Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

Excerpt - The Contract

      Nick hadn’t planned to get so serious and Sondra’s question was meant in a casual way, not even close to intentionally hurting him. His ex-wife is who hurt him! Damn her! Pushing her out of his thoughts, he hugged Sondra closer. “Let’s refill our glasses and take a tour of the house. How’s that sound?”
      She only smiled at him but he could tell she’d thought she said something wrong and he didn’t want her to feel that way. He poured more champagne in their glasses then touch his rim to hers, a crystal clink breaking the silence between them. “Here’s to a great sale today and the start of a beautiful friendship that I hope grows into more. I can’t lie or try to hide that fact from you any longer.”
      The sparkle in her eyes told him she felt the same. Her smile covered her face and his heart melted. “Thank you, Sir. I’m happy that I can be a part of building your firm and making it stronger. The pleasure is all mine!” Her laughter rang out among the dim lights of the patio, music to his ears.
      “And I plan to pleasure you even more, pet. Shall we head in for the tour?” He bowed before her in an exaggerated flair.
      Lavender and eucalyptus scented the air as he followed Sondra in and he relived their time together the other day, remembering the silkiness of her skin, they way her breasts filled his hands and the taste of her honey. This woman did so much to his senses that he felt alive again.
       He wanted more in his life since she’d become a part of it; to share his home with her. Pride filled his heart as they walked through, their bare feet padding on the stone floors. Her excitement at how nice he’d kept the home was evident.
     “This home is beautiful, Nick. I hope we can spend more time here than at the office now.
      We can both relax and enjoy this. I love it!”
     He enjoyed watching her petite body move around the room, her silhouette at the picture window as she viewed his front yard. Wondering if she’d one day be here with him all the time settled in the back of his mind; they got along so well.
      She stood on her toes and kissed him and he carefully hugged her as they each held onto their glasses. Her body molded to his perfectly, like she was made for him. “Mmmm...before I eat you, I think we need to go throw our steaks on the grill. There’s lettuce and stuff in the fridge if you want to toss a few salads together and we can eat outside. I’ve got some candles out there and will get them lit.” He winked at her then slapped her ass on his way to pull the steaks out of the fridge.
     The steaks had turned out just right, Nick thought, as he chewed another tasty chunk, admiring Sondra as she enjoyed hers as well. He wasn’t sure if it was the steak that made his mouth water or the thoughts of what he had planned for later but either way, he was loving it.
      Sondra held out her empty glass and he filled it again. “I’ve got another in the fridge if we need to open that later. I made sure I was prepared for a great evening of celebration with you.”
      “Nick...this is so wonderful. You make me comfortable when I’m around you. I can’t explain it’s like we’ve known each other forever I feeling that alone?”
      “Not at all. You make me feel the same. I don’t feel like I need to put on airs with you; I can just be myself and you’re fine with that.”
      “I love you just the way you are. Don’t ever change that. We work too hard at the office to have to work hard on a relationship at home, too.” She pushed her empty plate back and sipped her wine. “I am so happy right now. Things are so perfect sitting out here, in the dark, with a handsome man who wants to devour me. What woman wouldn’t be happy?”
   Nick watched the candlelight flicker in her eyes and her happiness sparkled. Wisps of hair blew with the warm evening breeze. The candle-lit glow of her face tugged at him, the green of her eyes begged and taunted him. How could he resist that? She giggled again and he smiled, leaned back in his chair and enjoyed the rest of his wine, just watching Sondra. She could make his home complete again. They had so much in common but he still had so much to learn about her. “Do you have hobbies besides working so much?”
      She looked at him and leaned back in her chair, dangling her glass in her hand. “I’m a lot like you. I don’t have time for hobbies. I read a bit but even that takes time to enjoy a good book.
      Of course, now that I have some other books in mind to read, I may have to take the time to study those...Master!”
      Just the mention of the word hardened him where he sat; she had no idea what hearing that did to him. Her wink teased him. He arched his back and tightened his own pelvic muscles!
    Damn this woman had a sensual nature about her that he couldn’t get enough of. She made his blood boil to a heating point that melded them together where their sex was concerned. Interest in his lifestyle only made it more exciting.
    “Since I’m in a learning mood, we could watch some more training videos if you’ve a mind for that tonight.”
      Nick leaned his head back and laughed out loud then looked her in the eye. She was dead serious. How could he not jump at that opportunity? “We could clear the dishes and head to my office in the basement I suppose.”
      Leaning forward, her mouth hung open. “You have a basement, too? And didn’t tell me that? Yes, let’s get this mess cleaned up ‘cause I’m sure later we won’t feel like doing the dishes!”
       “I like the sound of that! What man would turn that down?”
     “Ah! You’d be surprised but I’m not going there! Tonight is about US.”
      He helped her carry things into the kitchen and clean them up, putting the dishes in the dishwasher. While Sondra was putting things into the fridge, he reached around her, kissed her neck and grabbed the second bottle of champagne for them.
      “Wouldn’t want to get thirsty downstairs now would we?” Nick opened it, filled their glasses, placed it in the ice bucket and led the way downstairs.

                                                 * * * * *
      “And I thought this was just a closet door,” Sondra commented as she led the way downstairs.
      Sondra’s jeans fit her ass like a glove, the same way her suits did and her perfectly rounded cheeks drew his attention when she reached the bottom of the stairs and sauntered into the family room. Her low-cut top teased him with cleavage all night tonight and he couldn’t wait to see her breasts naked and dangling in front of him.
      “Oh my God,’s huge down here and so plush! I love it. It’s as nice as the upstairs. I love the fireplace in the corner...and the book shelves on that far wall. You’ve done a nice job decorating. I feel cozy down here.”
     Just imagining what he had in store for her, and hoped he could follow through with, interfered with his thoughts. “I’m glad you like it. The office is over here.” This was his other hideaway. He loved computers and here is where he did a lot of his work when he wanted to be alone. “It’s quiet down here and no one can bother me here.” He sat the ice bucket on the desk and pulled another leather chair over by the monitor. Sondra sat down with him.
      “You’re sure you want to do this?”
     “Watch more videos, you mean? Of course. I want to understand more and they seem to answer a lot of questions for me. Some scare me but I also understand I don’t have to agree to have certain things done to me. Right?”
      “Of course you don’t. I’m glad you’re curious.” He kissed her then hit the monitor and opened a browser. Clicking through his favorites, he had certain sites categorized and chose the ones he knew would get her used to some of the early training.
      “I think you got a good idea the other day when we watched but these will show you some different things. Ready?” He clicked on the first trailer and sat back to watch her reaction.
      The video started out with a naked woman strapped to an exam table, her wrists tied on each side, her knees spread wide with knees and ankles tied to the stirrups and a strap secured her hips. A black ball gag had been placed in her mouth and a strap across her throat to hold her in place. Her Dom stood at her side so she could watch as he laid all the vibrators and training plugs on the tray next to the tubes of lube and numbing oils.
       Sondra squirmed a bit in her chair but continued to watch with interest.
      A variety of sizes in the training plugs lay there and he picked up the largest one to show her for close inspection. It was the size of a small bottle and she screeched. He put it down and picked up the medium one along with the lube and moved to stand between her legs. The table had been raised so she could see into a mirror that he had placed for her to watch her training.
      Her Dom lubed it well, lubed his fingers and proceeded to lube her area for penetration. His glistening fingers teased the outer edges before disappearing to the second knuckle and she screamed and squirmed as he slowly went deeper. When she calmed, he withdrew his fingers and put the training plug half way in, then out and slowly worked it in to the widest end before it disappeared.
     The subs groaning and tossing head got to Sondra and she squirmed in her own chair then finished her glass of wine. Nick reached over and brushed against Sondra’s harden nipples and she took in a deep breath. He took one between his thumb and finger to gently roll it and she glanced at him with glazed eyes.
       “Just concentrate on the video.”
      The camera moved in closer and the Dom slowly introduced a huge lubed vibrator, moving it in and out until his submissive’s hips moved with it as best she could. The training plug was also moving and he would press them together inside of her until her groans and pants became spastic.
      “Don’t you dare cum yet, you little slut,” her Dom told her as the camera zeroed in on her juices seeping around the vibrator, her anal muscles twitching on the plug.
      Sondra arched her back and rocked her hips in her chair.
      “Ah ah...sit still, aren’t allowed to arouse anything on your body nor try to take care of it. That’s my job.”
      The Dom strapped the vibrator in place then slowly pulled out the training plug. At the exam table, he picked up the next size, twirled it around in front of her face and she panicked at the size. Laughter rang out as the camera closed in on her ass to show more lube being applied to her and the toy. Slowly the tip entered while the vibrator buzzed. “Bear down and open for me, slut. This will go in.” His submissive screamed behind her gag but he kept pressing it in, pulling it out, added more lube and moved it in motion until it slid easily. When he slowly pulled it out, her ass didn’t close but stayed open.
      Sondra took in a quick breath and Nick watched her grimace but she didn’t turn away.
     The plug was reinserted but deeper and the submissive screamed at the stretching. He pulled it out slow, but back in it went, several more times and she still screamed with each penetration.
     “Don’t you cum yet, slut! Your Master sent you here for training and that’s my job but he also said I could train you for other things as well!”
      The large plug, now all the way in to the narrowed hilt, he left it there with the vibrator buzzing and moved to stand at her side again. He picked up the nipple clamps and show her how they worked, pinching them open and shut for her. Then he grabbed a strap and pressing her breasts together, tightened the strap around them so they pointed to the ceiling. Tweaking each nipple to hardness, he teased each one with the clamp then quickly connected it.
      The submissive screamed and squirmed but he attached the other clamp as well and smiled
at the camera.
      Sondra sat back in her chair with her hand on her chest, breathing hard, then looked at Nick.
       What he saw in her eyes made his heart race. She wanted to learn, he could see it. He leaned back in his chair and faced her, turning her chair with his feet and pushed her back.
      “Get up and take off all your clothes.” He rubbed the length of his cock through his pants and her eyes followed his hand. She pressed her knees together. “Ah ah....what did I tell you?
       Perhaps you need your own spanking to learn that you no longer touch your own body or try to give yourself pleasure by squeezing your knees together.”
      Her lower lip pulled in between her teeth as her face reddened but she stood up and slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down.
       “I want the blouse off first...and the bra.”
      She pulled it over her head, tossed it in the chair and unhooked her pink laced wire cup that held her breasts perfectly. Their weight now hung in front but protruded nicely. Now Nick squeezed his cock and stroked it in front of her and she moistened her lips.
      “That’s it, pet, get them wet and ready for me. Now wiggle out of those tight jeans and panties and kneel in front of me.” To his surprise, she did just that.
      “Now hand me your jeans and panties.” She obeyed and he held the insides to his nose and breathed deep. “ do smell delicious.”
      The site before him, her breasts protruding so full and round, nipples hard and begging, he could only imagine thrusting between them, her tongue licking the head each time it popped up.
      He sniffed her panties one more time then tossed them to the chair. He filled her champagne glass half full and handed it to her. “Drink it all.”
       Now empty, she handed him the glass and he set it on the desk.
      “Spread your knees wider, clasp your fingers behind your head.”
     Nick reached forward to lightly stroke her pubic hair then moved lower to her lips. He wet his fingers in her juices and she nearly sat down on his hand.
      “You don’t listen do you? Now you will get spanked. Stand up, leave your hands where they are and follow me.” He led her out of the office and over to one of the full book shelves, undid a hidden latch and pulled the shelving open to display a dark room.
     Sondra’s mouth dropped open but she didn’t say a word though fear filled her eyes.
     “Go on...step brought this on yourself.” He followed her into the dark room, flipped on a switch that barely lit the room and pulled the door shut behind them.

       “!” Her eyes rounded.
      “Welcome to my dungeon, pet. See that padded saw horse over there...bend yourself over that and grab the bar in front then spread your feet wide apart.”
       Again, to his surprise, she obeyed without a word. The padded horse was just below waist high for her so when she leaned over it, her hips were higher than her head.
     He stood in front of her and secured her wrists. “You’re trusting me so far?”
     “Yes, I’m fine. I trust you, Sir.”

    Nick laughed. “You learn quickly...on some things. This spanking is because you didn’t learn not to squeeze your knees so your pussy lips tightened. I understand those moves of’s my job.”
      “What is your safeword?’
       Her eyes searched his and he saw fear yet curiosity. “Money.”
    He moved around behind her, and leaning over her back couldn’t help but cup her breasts in his hands and gently squeeze her nipples until she cried out. Massaging his way back to her waist and over her hips, he took her cheeks in his hands and kneaded her flesh.
       A groan slipped from his throat as he moved her cheeks apart to see her glistening center.
    “Sondra, you smell so sweet and look so delicious. I bet you want my fingers inside you don’t you, pet? Hmmm.....does that feel good with my hands on your ass, pulling you apart for inspection?”
      He stepped away for a moment, to make her wait, jangled a bit of chain just for good measure and waited again.
     “Spread your feet as far apart as you can, subbie.” He then buckled her ankles to the legs of his stand. “How’s that? Do you think this was worth the little squeeze you gave yourself watching the video?”
      He moved around in front of her and squatted to her level so she could see the leather paddle in his hand. “Know that I would never mar your beautiful skin but I do enjoy a nice pink tone.”
       At that he stood and walked around behind her.
       She waited.
       She squirmed.
       She yelped when the paddle struck both cheeks.
       A second strike happened and she yelped again.
     He squatted in front of her, only this time with a ball gag for her. “How wide can your mouth open, pet? Because you will get this in there.” He didn’t wait for an answer but rather inserted it as soon as she opened her mouth, not giving her time to decide, and buckled it behind her head.
       Nick moved away and made her wait again.
     Another whack but this time his hand moved over her flesh to feel how warm it was. The heat wasn’t enough yet.
      She waited.

   Another whack. He felt again. This time satisfied with the heat and her whimpering.
      Both of his hands now slowly massaged her flesh to remove the sting. “Does that help with the pain?”
      She nodded her head and moaned louder as he separated her cheeks and blew on her. Her scent lavished his nostrils and nearly made him spill his seed in his slacks.
     “Would you like me to show you how that spanking affected you, slut?” Slowly he pressed his fingers lower to her lips and swirled them inside until she was moving down on his hand.
       Another whack on her ass stopped her.
      “I didn’t give you permission to move.”
      He moved around to squat in front of her, his fingers glistening in the dim light. “Look at all this? You are a natural at being a submissive. I’m not sure what you enjoy the most...watching the videos or being restrained, but I will find out what you like the best sooner or later.” He licked each finger in front of her and moaned. Then he stood and removed his slacks and shirt while she watched, stroking himself in front of her.
      He got closer. The look of her in the gag making him even harder, the head getting purple and he wanted her mouth on him bad. “Is this hard enough to put where I’d like it?”

    Her eyes widened like he’d not seen them before and she screamed behind the gag.

                                            * * * * *
      With his fingers beneath her chin, he brought her face up. “You trust me, remember. You know I won’t hurt you but not knowing is what excites you. I’m learning that about you. I also know how to play this game.” A few more strokes of his shaft and he moved around behind her, rummaged through his drawers back there then squatted in front of her with a beginner’s plug and lube. “I saw how excited that video got you and how you couldn’t take your eyes off it when these came out. I also know you enjoyed my fingers there before. Let’s carefully see how you like this. Trust me, pet...stay calm and it goes better.”
      She squirmed and squealed again as he walked away.
      Two whacks on her ass settled her down.
     Nick pulled his roller stool to sit between her thighs, level with her ass. He set the lube and plug on her lower back and she whimpered. With lube on his fingers, he separated her cheeks and carefully applied the ointment, spreading it so he could use it as he needed, then slowly inserted one finger, then two. Sondra whimpered but didn’t move as he worked her so he knew she was okay. As he pulled out the two fingers, he inserted the small plug a little larger than his two fingers.