Adult Erotic Romance Author
Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

©2015 Tonya Kinzer

      Today is reward day for me, granted by my Master. Waiting and listening seemed an eternity in our small spa-like massage room as I lay naked with my eyes closed. As instructed, I placed a pillow beneath my hips so they were higher and at easy access for him. Darkness surrounds me but for Master, there is a small lamp to provide him enough light when he arrives. I’d turned on the scent warmer so the tropical aroma could surround us. Master had told me to be ready and waiting, but I hate the wait. I know I must learn not to show irritation. He always makes the wait worth it, but he so loves to punish me if he picks up on my irritation.

      The door knob clicks open and my heart lunges as I hear him enter. Keeping my eyes closed, the anticipation escalates. Blood surges through my ears as my heart races…I hunger for the feel his hands on my body. He teasingly touches my hair, pulling it up away from my back so the oils don’t touch it. My wrist restraints snap into place and hear him walk to the end of the table to snap in my ankle restraints. Sparks of excitement race along every nerve in my body.

     A fingertip trails up the back of my thigh and a whimper slips from my throat. I wait for more and try to control my breathing to slow down my heart. Nothing calms me when Master is around me. His calm, slow methodical way of training makes me love him more. His patience with me shows his love and understanding.

       The warm oil surprised me as it trickled over my back, over my cheeks, down the crack of my ass and my thighs.  I knew I’d soon feel his strong hands tenderly caress my naked body. His palms rubbed together and then their heated surface lay upon my skin. I took in a deep breath and relaxed. Master gently spreads the tingling oils over my skin, kneading my muscles, sending the oils deep into my tissues. The tingling sensations heightened my awareness.  He makes it feel so good. His large hands press upward on the muscles in my back and over my shoulders, his thumbs kneading on each side of my spine.  It feels wonderful and sends me into another world where only pleasure exists.

       I drifted along as he trickled more oil over my ass, where he separated my cheeks so it slid between them. His thumb spread the oil over my anal bud and then…pressed against it.

       “Relax…do not tense up on me, pet.”

       I obeyed and chastised myself because I knew he wouldn’t rush this and in the end, I always love it. Concentrating on the penetration, I pushed back as his thumb began a rhythmic entrance, taking more oil with each insertion until…his entire thumb swirling inside. Juices seeped from between my lips. I hate when my body betrays me. It knew what I loved and craved, yet hated admitting to. The nerves his thumb touched opened me further and too soon, he withdrew it.

       When a cool metal tip touched my opening, it did the same insertion dance and I knew what lay ahead. My heart raced and I tried to relax, but gasped as the widest part of the plug insisted on going in. Again, sliding easily in and out, Master pressed in and then stopped at the widest area of the plug.

       “Spread your thighs, pet. I know you love your training.”

       As I opened them, his oily fingers slipped between my lips and wiggled their way deep inside to massage my g-spot. Overwhelming pleasure rippled through my lower body but I knew I had to resist until given permission. One more whimper could also create a punishment I didn’t want to endure today.

       The widest part of the huge plug twisted and danced against my anal nerve endings, slowly in and out until it settled deep inside, relieving some of the pain. The fullness was a new feeling as the sensations pulsed with Master’s manipulations and I tightened around the plug and his fingers. His large hands kneaded my ass cheeks and his thumbs massaged around the base of the jeweled plug. When he lifted and spread my cheeks, his thumb pressed hard several times on the plug, knowing he was causing pleasure-pain.

      Then he moved back over my cheeks and slowly down my widespread thighs. His fingers and the heel of his palms moving over knotted muscles to ease them out. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention he gave my body.  My heart raced with the sensual sensation his hands caused and he knew it. Deep, relaxing euphoria; I loved it. I reveled on the waves of every upward stroke of my Master’s hands as they made their way up my tender inner thighs, his large hands and fingers teasing as they moved. Light caresses mixed with roughness now and then...taking me to a higher level of peacefulness.

       I loved it when his fingers began massaging my wet lips. Two fingers slipped inside, then out, then in and deeper, making my breathing erratic, making me want to scream with pleasure even before I reached orgasm. His fingers teased my outer lips, then moved up to the plug and before I knew it, he’d pulled it out until the widest part of the base stretched my anal ring even more and the pain took my mind off the pleasure of the massage.

         “Relax, pet, let your mind go to that peaceful place. Pain makes the pleasure so much better.”

He twisted it slowly as he moved it slightly in and out, pumping it deep, than pulling it back until the wide base stretched me. This continued several minutes and strangely it started to feel a bit more pleasurable rather than painful, though it still hurt to be stretched. A few more plunges and he left it in and moved lower, spreading my thighs wider.

         Master touched my lips again, tugging on them, opening them and I could feel the cool air hit my hard clit.  He opened my labia, closed me, tugged wider than before and I couldn’t help but cry out at the way he pinched and rolled my tender lips.

       More sharp slaps to my ass, but harder this time. Again I cried out and flexed my fingers, trying to grab at the bars I couldn’t reach. A crop landed a few more times.

       “You will learn, pet.  I am the Master and you’ve not been given permission to cry out or move the least tiny bit.  We’ll see how you enjoy my new punishment for you.”

        So much for reward day!

         I sensed this massage would be a little different than the others. I’m not sure why.

         Fear, just the tiniest bit, made its way into my stomach. Would it be hot wax that I’d not experienced yet?

         He stepped away for several minutes and while he was gone, the butt plug began buzzing. The sensations increased and I squeezed my inner muscles against it, almost enjoying it, but knew better than to move my hips for fear he was just watching me from a distance, probably hoping he could whack my ass again. The buzz was turned up to high. It wasn’t a gentle vibration, but more of a course buzz and vibrated all of my insides.

       “Is my pet enjoying her new toy?”

      “Yes, Master. I love it. Please use me to further your own pleasure, Sir.”  My face rested within the padded facial area and he secured a strap at the back of my head. I breathed deeply to calm my fears of what he might do next. Suddenly I felt ice move over my wet, swollen pussy lips. It was so cold.  My gawd, if he didn’t stop soon, my lips would freeze.

       “That is just a bit of numbing to help with my new punishment for you, pet. Since you can’t seem to learn from the spankings, perhaps this will help you to concentrate on who is in command here.” 

       With that said, he pulled one of my frozen pussy lips and placed a clamp there, then ever so slowly, he did the same to the other side.

         I screamed in shock.

        The clamps were just tight enough to cause me to bite my lower lip as I tried to resist this new pain. Before I knew it, he had placed leather straps on my upper thighs. I felt a tug on each of my pussy lips and couldn’t help but cry out as each small chain was hooked into place on the leather thigh straps, presenting him with a wide open view of everything down there. Humiliation surged at being so open to his view. Then his two fingers teased my wet entrance and explored further, his fingers gently digging and swirling at that g-spot while the plug vibrated in my ass.

         The mixture of pleasure and pain tore at my senses, then suddenly he withdrew his fingers, making the pain on the lip clamps more prominent.

         “Now my pet…we’ll move to the next step in your training and I do hope you enjoy this. It’s for your own good. You need to have those limits pushed and I feel you’ve met the current ones.  Remember...not a sound or the pressure on those wonderful lip clamps will be increased, as will the pain, by way of small screws.”


         The anal plugged turned off and then slowly it began to move and thrust in and out against the wide base, ever so slowly.

           Pleasure and pain at the same time. I tried to relax as best I could, but my attention was drawn to the clamps tugging on my sore lips. He toyed with the wide base against my anal ring, his thumb lightly massaging the edges.

         When Master completely removed the plug, I was allowed a few moments to relax, yet I could feel I hadn’t completely closed. With my ass so high in the air on the table, I was easy access for Master to do as he pleased...which he always did, pushing me beyond previous limits with care.

       “I love watching these plugs leave your ass, pet. You’re doing very well with your training, but you’re not quite as far along as I’d like. The anal ring and beyond needs to be explored for everyone. There is more pleasure there than anyone can even come close to imagining and I want you to experience that.”

       Warm oil was slowly dripped along the crease of my cheeks, a few drops onto my cheeks, then his fingers massaged it in, so slowly I thought I would pass out from the wonderful feeling I received as his fingers teased in and out of my ass. As I knew would happen sooner or later, the plug was reinserted, but this time as it entered slowly, it continued to stretch me beyond the previous plug.

         He used an even larger one!

         I panicked. I struggled to move my head and my hips also moved as I tried to escape the plunging. This caused Master to pull on the lip clamps and I cried out.  He forced the new wide plug deeper, yet doing so very carefully, but he held it there at the widest point, tight and stretched, until I calmed.  My breathing became very ragged against my attempted control.

       “Ah, my pet…you are such a quick learner. I love that just a simple tug on those lip clamps brings you quickly to your senses.  It’s much nicer to have a good subbie who loves pleasing her Master.”

       With that statement, he pressed the well-lubed plug further and slowly twisted as it slid, painfully stretching me even more. Mission accomplished…thoughts of all pleasure were not gone. I concentrated on moving away from the pain. The vibrating began, slowly at first and this seemed to ease some of the pain in stretching, though not all. I tried so hard to relax, but again, the painful tug on my new clamps kept my attention away from my ass as Master continued the gentle plunging for my training. Both areas ached and hurt as they were stretched beyond the limits of my flesh.

       I whimpered as he continued. The pain nearly beyond my limits of acceptance, but still I refused to use my safe word. I could handle this, I was sure.

       “Mmmm, my pet.  Relax and enjoy. You’re fighting this. Concentrate on sub space. Push with your anal muscles and it will be easier to accept. You’ll soon see that this too will become pleasurable in time. I love seeing your ass take these large plugs. I know it’s much bigger than the last one, but in time, you will come to enjoy this one, too. And the pinkness of your pussy is so inviting, pet. Your juices are seeping quite well considering the amount of pain you’re in. I take it you are enjoying some aspect of this. Am I correct?”

         I must not have heard his question, for another tug on both clamps brought me to my senses. “I’m sorry, Master. I’m trying very hard to please you, Sir. Thank you for the pain.” Whimpers escaped my throat; my eyes pooled with tears, but I refused to use my safe word.  “I will become used to it soon so you can push me further, give me more pleasure as you use my body for your own pleasure, Sir.”

         “Oh, I am pleased, subbie. Tonight you are accepting my new limits very well.  Perhaps a reward will be in order.”

       At that, he carefully slipped a larger dildo into my pussy, completely filling and stretching me there too. Slowly, agonizingly slow, he began to plunge into me at a steady pace while at the same time, he slipped the large butt plug all the way in and I gasped as it vibrated against the deep dildo. A release of breath came with the relief of pain…somewhat.


         Some of the pain disappeared as my anal ring closed around the smaller base. The speed of the vibrating plug increased to high as he continued to plunge the dildo a bit faster. I could feel my orgasm building, the excitement climbing, and as I took a few deep breaths, I had to ward off my orgasm from nearly exploding. The painful clamps and the huge plug in my ass helped to distract me from enjoying the pleasure. My inner muscles tightened, wanting more, faster.

        “Yes, Master..use my body...make me take your punishment, but please…..may I come, Sir?”

         A painful tug on the lip clamps was my answer, destroying the edge of my orgasm.

         “I will allow you to move your hips, but you don’t have permission to cum yet.”

         He plunged faster with both toys, making me buck my hips with every stroke I rode, groaning as I know he watched my juices slip down over my clit, knowing my orgasm was rebuilding itself. I struggled against the wrist and ankle restraints, wanting to rake my fingers over the leather.

         Moans of pleasure escaped my throat. “Master, PLEASE???”

        “You may squirm and cry out. I will let you know when you can come. First, I want to see you drip for me, pet. Soak my fingers with your anticipation. That’s it…ride my toys, subbie. Yes……Mmmmmm…god, I should be filming this!”

       My ragged, deep breathing built my orgasm until I thought I would break my wrists. Moaning and whimpering as I eagerly rode Master’s toys, I could hear his own groans of pleasure as he watched and played with my writhing body.

         His fingers found my nipple and squeezed tight, distracting me at just the right moments. My hips rode his toys as the clamps tugged on my lips each time I moved my thighs.

       “Yes, pet...enjoy the pleasure along with the pain. It’s all a part of this. I think you’re ready. You may cum now, subbie…..yes…mmmmmmm. Scream for me. I want to hear that you like your ass fucked at the same time and you can’t wait for my cock to plunge deep into your ass."

         My inner spasms took over in waves of pleasure. His words propelling me forward.

         “YES, Master…god, I love getting fucked in the ass by you. I love that you enjoy watching. I want your cock in my ass, Sir. Use me, take me, make me pleasure you, Sir. I am yours to use.” Oblivious to anything else, I slipped over the edge as the waves of orgasm took me, Master continuing to plunge both toys as I rode the waves of pleasure. Deep breaths heightened the orgasmic spasms as stars burst behind my eyelids.

         As I slowed to enjoy the last waves, Master buckled a strap around my hips so the dildo would stay inside. I continued to ride as it filled me full, the plug in my ass vibrating on high. I heard him step away and he left me writhing like that, but I was lost in waves of pleasure.

         I heard camera clicks but no longer cared. My juices gushed around the dildo, trickling over my lips.

         Completely lost in the waves of pleasure, I was shocked when the strap on my head was released and a painful tug on my hair lifted my face from the headrest.  I heard it slide back into its storage slot.

         Nothing happened, yet Master’s hand was still twisted in my hair, holding my face up. I knew better than to open my eyes.

         Then I smelled him. That musky aroma of hard need I knew as my Master’s cock. I tried to move forward, hoping my tongue could touch it, but nothing. I stuck out my tongue further and stretched my neck, needing so badly to taste him. I moved my tongue around, hunting in earnest as the plug vibrated against the throbbing dildo.

         “Mmmm… precious submissive. You look so inviting with your tongue out, waiting to swirl it over the head of my cock. Tell me exactly what it is you want, pet?”

           Squirming my hips and squeezing my inner muscles against Master’s pulsating toys, I wanted to taste him at the same time, to taste and cum at the same time.  “Master...please...let me taste you, Sir.”

His crop cracked against my tender ass three times, and I cried out. “Taste what, subbie?”

           “Master, I want to taste your hard cock on my tongue, please? Let me pleasure you. I want to suck you, to make you cum in my throat as I know you love to do.”

           With that, I tasted pre-cum instantly and eagerly swirled it over the head of his cock. I tried sucking it closer, but was forced to wait until he thought I was starving for him. The hot head rubbed against my cheeks, smearing pre-cum there, then around my lips. I kept working my tongue, knowing he loved watching it reach for his head.

           After a few minutes of teasing, I was granted just the head, and I gently sucked it into my mouth and heard him groan in pleasure. He lifted my face higher as he quickly thrust deep into my throat, gagging me, yet tightening my throat’s grip on the head of his cock with each thrust. My gagging seemed to make him harder. He tightened his hold on my hair until I whimpered.

         “You want that bad, don’t you?”

         I sucked him harder. He yanked my head closer, making my nose press into his flesh and he continued pumping and groaning, pulling my hair. His hard shaft twitched and I could feel it grow as my tongue swirled around him, knowing in a moment my throat would be bathed in his white hot seed.

         He pulled out, then in deep, out…in deeper, making me gag again as my throat tightened around the head. I coughed before he thrust again.

         Suddenly hot cum exploded into my throat.

         “Swallow, pet...take it all. I want to feel the spasms. Coat your throat with me. Oh you are so good at this. I’ve trained you well, pet. My other Master friends would love to try you.”

         I heard his comment, but didn’t care at the moment. My own orgasm exploded again as I enjoyed the vibrations washing over me and deep inside me, throbbing with spasms. My wrists and ankles struggle to be free. Before he was finished, he rubbed the rest of his cum over my cheeks and throat, groaning in his pleasure, still tugging on my hair while I floated on the remaining waves of my own orgasm.

           His thumb caressed my lower lip.  “I love you, baby.”

          I opened my eyes and met his tender gaze. “I love you, too, Master,” I replied and smiled contentedly, still basking in the spasms of orgasm. My lungs burned from the rapid breaths.

         He pulled out the headrest for me, then moved around to my side. Removing the strap from my hips, he griped the dildo, gently pumping me to yet another gushing orgasm as I collapsed with the waves of pleasure.  He carefully removed the clamps and chains from my tender lips and the pain was intense mixed with my current pleasures, but he massaged them for me.

        To my surprise, he replaced the dildo with his warm tongue, gently sucking me, teasing me, quickly flicking his tongue over my hard sensitive clit. Slowly he pressed on the plug and before long, another intense, squirting orgasm exploded. I gripped the edge of the table until the spasms quit and I could breathe again.

         Master mounted the table between my thighs and removed the dildo. “I know all that pleasure was worth the pain, pet.”

          The tip of his cock pressed up inside me, slowly pumping himself hard again.

         “You have no idea what that huge plug feels like against my cock when I’m buried inside of you.”

         His cock rubbed over my g-spot as he lay over my back. His fingers found each of my nipples and gently pinched me back to life. My hips rose to meet each of his thrusts, loving our connection, yet knowing others would never understand our games. His breath caressed my ear. “Since we’ve come this far today, I need to do another experiment with you, pet. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this more than it causes pain. You have your safe word if needed.”

         Master rose to his knees, spread my cheeks and very slowly toyed with the plug as he removed it. I knew my ass would be wide open and not close for as long as that had been in there. Warm oil drizzled down the crack of my ass and his thumb spread it around. When the head of his cock touched my anal ring, it wasn’t a total surprise. The surprise came with the ease of insertion…to the hilt of his cock as he slowly rested the entire length of him inside me and settled against my back. His hands cupped each of my breasts and my inner muscles tightened around his cock.

         “Master…this is amazing.” The pleasure with each tiny move he made took me closer to the edge of something I’d never experienced…anal orgasm. I took in a deep breath and then another as he began to stroke my inner chamber.

         “Pet, you are so tight around me. This is something every man only dreams about and you’ve allowed this to happen for me.”

         He pressed his face against my neck and hair as he groaned with the release of his hot seed deep inside me, taking me over the edge of pleasure with him. I moved with his every stroke, moving as one to every spasm of pleasure. Never did I ever imagine anal sex could be this good. Did being restrained also add to my pleasure and kinky sense of sex? If only others could fathom the amount of pleasure obtained through a little training, this ecstasy could be theirs, too. Deep breaths enhanced the pleasure and I lay there waiting to recover. Master pulled out but I was in such a state of euphoria that I didn’t want to pay attention that the pleasure would soon be gone.


         Master unbuckled my four cuffs and rolled me onto my back, wiped his cum off my face with a soft towel, and then helped me to stand. Before long, I was in his arms as he carried me to bed. Gently laying me on the fresh sheets, the comforter turned back. He slipped in beside me, pulling the covers over us. “I love you, pet.” He kissed me deep as I cupped his face, our tongues hungry for one another as always.

        Minutes later as we lay cuddled and ready for sleep, I glanced into his green eyes, overwhelmed at all he’s taught me over the years. “I love pleasuring you, Sir. You have worn me out tonight.”

* * * * *

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