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Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

Tonya's Interview With Sandi

Meet Sandi from Dreams Do Come True. Tonya Kinzer got the chance to talk with Sandi at a local cafe after one of her shoots with Daniel, her photographer. They’ve each ordered a glass of Cab with a meat and cheese tray.


Tonya:  I have to ask what it’s like working with Daniel.

Sandi:  He’s a sweetheart for sure. I’m always on the watch for women who would make a good model for him. Daniel knows how to work lighting so his models photograph the best. There’s no pressure because he puts you at ease, makes you calm down before he begins, but his green eyes still make me crazy. If I were interested in men, he’d be a front runner. Actually, we did have a thing a while back. I ended it before I got too attached because most of my relationships haven’t gone well. I have a mind of my own and don’t take orders well when it comes to restricting who I hang out with.

Tonya:  It must be hard to watch Kiera get ordered around by the men she dates.

Sandi:  Keeping my mouth shut is the hardest thing. She’s got a huge heart and nurtures anyone she thinks might need help. That’s what gets her into trouble. Kiera doesn’t rock the boat, meaning she’ll go with the flow and not disagree in order to keep from arguing. The men in her life take advantage of her, tell her who she can be friends with and where she can go.

Tonya:  You have such a relaxed look and appear to be well put together. How do you keep your sanity?

Sandi:  I work out, even on days I don’t want to. The exercise gives me energy, my joints don’t hurt and my muscles keep me toned. Exercise clears my head and helps me sort out problems rather than putting them in boxes in the back of my mind. My head is clear and I’m happy with where I’m at in life.

Tonya:  Have you found that females give you more stability than males in your relationships?

Sandi:  Living with Kiera is different than living with a guy…or maybe it’s because we seem to be on the same page all the time. We like the same foods, the same clothing styles, and we can be together without feeling like we need to entertain the other all the time. I keep hoping one day she’ll see the light where guys are concerned. She’s not met the right man yet and those she dates treat her like a doormat. That’s how her dad treated her growing up and her mother let it happen without stopping it…so it snowballs into her adult life.

Tonya:  Is Kiera interested in modeling?

Sandi:  Right now, no, but I think she’d be great. Kiera has no idea how pretty she is. Her childhood destroyed her self-esteem, which is why she lets the men in her life abuse her. If I can stop that from happening in the future, I plan to. The longer we live together, the closer we get and I have high hopes that I can prove to Kiera that a woman can treat her better than any man. *Sandi leans forward* I know I can love her better!

Tonya:  Have you totally written off relationships with men?

Sandi:  My relationship with Daniel was good, but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t get beyond the fear of him wanting to control my life at some point. Don’t get me wrong, he never once tried to do that, but I ended it out of fear. Today, we’re still friends and I know he hopes one day I’ll change my mind. I value his friendship a lot and his work as a photographer has certainly boosted my career. If Kiera would take a chance on modeling for him, I know he could do the same for her. I just need to convince her to do a shoot with Daniel.

Tonya:  Sandi, I know you’re busy and have to run. Thank you for talking with me. Our readers love getting to know the characters through interviews with them. Good luck with everything, including Kiera. I wish you both the best.

Sandi:  Thank you. I hope the readers enjoy our story in Dreams, as well as the books to follow. I’d love to stop by in one of your other books in the series, so keep us in mind! *wink*