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     I'll be adding more to this page to help you with ideas on how to market and promo your brand and books. These are only a few things that I've tried and have worked for me. I'd love any feedback on what's working for you. The Forum might be a good place to leave more ideas.


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Hashtags in Tweets & Posts

Amazon Cart:  Amazon customers can go to their Amazon account, scroll down to the payments section and click on Social Settings. This will allow you (and your readers) to click on any tweet using #AmazonCart and the product goes directly to their Amazon shopping cart to purchase the next time they log in. Check it out...I hope it works for you. Start using the hashtag with your book links to Amazon!! Use #AmazonCart in your TWEETS with the URL to the book or product you want to sell. Good Luck!

Hashtags in Posts & Tweets:  Hashtags will place your posts into the group that you use the hashtag for. If you use #ebooks, #romance, #NovelLines, #fetish, #westernromance for instance, your tweet goes into each one of those groups. Next time you're in Twitter, do a search for #westernromance and you'll see all the tweets that have used that hashtag. By doing this, a viewer in search of specific tags will do the search for what they're interested in. Pick a hashtag topic that goes with your book or product and start selling on Twitter!

Author Promo
CONTESTS:  Readers love to win stuff from their favorite authors so don't disappoint them. Giving away items doesn't have to be expensive. What could you give away? An e-book, wallpaper for their desk top for their computer (create on with your covers or a scene from your book or just with your author name and a design), a $5 gift card of their choice, or goodie bags to the first five readers who enter. I use Rafflecopter for all of my contests. It's free and easy to set up.
GOODIE BAGS:  Start giving away goodie bags to readers so they can win something in your contest. Fill the bags with items from other authors, such as author book marks, post cards, pens, key chains, pendants, posters, etc. Whatever the authors might be sending out. Be sure to send your book marks to other authors who do goodie bags so you can be represented when that authors gives away their goodie bags to readers during contests and promotions. ***Don't forget to send them to my publisher listed below who does my goodie bags so that I can send them to my readers.

'AUTHOR FRIENDS' PAGE:  I like to add author friends to my special page so that my readers can find new authors they might not have heard about. It's a great way to promote your author friends. Want included on my page? Use my Contact Me form and send me your info. I'd be happy to include you in your genre.

KEY WORDS:  Be sure to change your key words and categories you have your books listed in with Amazon. They change the algorithms all the time. You may see a drop in sales. That may be a cue to change the category or keywords. Also be sure to use the meta data tags on your website so the search engines can pull up your website pages. This is critical for SEO optimization. There are lots of other things that can be done and usually your website can help complete this. does an amazing job of letting me know what I need to fix for the search engines to find me.

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