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Is it harder to find my books lately at the online book stores?

      We've been forced into a category other than Erotic Romance or Erotica and it's harder for our readers to find us now. With the recent changes being done by the big online book stores, they've had to adjust their searches so that children can't find 'Adult Books' as easily as they used to. With that being said, for those of us who enjoy the 'Adult Books', we now have to narrow our book searches as we try to find them at any of the online stores nowadays.

     If you want to find our books, you need to type into the search box either the author's name or type in Adult Books, Adult Porn, Adult XXX, BDSM, Pornography, etc. I hope that helps you to find your great authors much easier. We're glad you keep us in mind when you purchase your e-books! Thank you!

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