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Meet Lady Ciara from New Horizons, Book 2

Posted on May 23, 2016 at 3:00 AM

Meet Lady Ciara

I'm glad you're curious to know more about this woman in book two. She's a director, movie producer, BDSM Domme, and is always looking for new talent for her movies. She has a past with the photographer, Daniel, in this series and knows he can spot talent in his models. He's sent her several of the girls who work for her and they make good money. The employer benefits are why they continue working for her. Lady Ciara has taken time from her busy production schedule to sit down for a chat with us. Get yourself a drink and join us.

Lady C:  Tonya, thank you for inviting me this week to let the world know what I do. I love my job and the girls that Daniel sends in my direction. Many of them are still camera shy when they arrive at my studio and that's when I introduce them to my stable of beautiful women. I've been fortunate in that I'm able to watch as they grow into their own skin, become more confident in their moves on and off camera.

Tonya:  Daniel tells me you have a knack for advancing many of your pretty faces to become popular with other directors in the film industry. Can you let us in on the process you use to help these women gain confidence in front of the camera?

Lady C:  So many young women these days are self-conscious of their body image and that's such a shame. Some have been led to believe they aren't pretty or are too fat. Not all of us weigh 90 pounds and that's okay. I hear from several viewers that they love the curvy models better than the boney ones. Myself, I love them all and am not afraid to show them a little love *her tongue wets her upper lip* if you know what I mean.

Tonya:  I think I understand. You and Daniel have a past between you. Did it start out personal or is it always professional for you?

Lady C:  Daniel caught my eyes years ago when he came to do an ad shoot for a magazine. He's got a magnetism that just attracts women and I'm no exception. He played hard to get and wanted to be in control from the start. Well...I quickly changed his mind in that regard. Some people just need a little push to find out if they're submissive or not. He found out many aspects of his personality he'd been hiding for too long. I'm a professional in that area and he still comes around once in a while. He misses the way I love him. (her wink tells us much more than that)

Tonya:  So Daniel is into bondage a little, I take it. That's probably why he does several of his shoots for those types of clothing magazines.

Lady C:  Exactly. My movies are also along those lines which is why he sends me some of his top models. He sees something in them that others don't have, like the way they connect with a camera and other women in a shoot with them. I like my girls to all get along and sometimes...they get along too well. When that happens, they have to share with me. I love my girls and they also love bondage or they wouldn't be in my movies.

Tonya:  Can you share with us how you help the shy women become more out going?

Lady C:  Is the world really ready to hear what happens during my training sessions? *she raises a brow in question* I love men and women. Some need to be shown that they are submissive, which in turn, brings out their confidence as well as teaching them obedience. But don't get wrong idea of bondage. Before a submissive agrees to anything, they first have to agree to what will happen to them during a session. This actually puts control with the submissive...controlling what will be done to them to teach them how to let themselves experience pleasure. Some can't do that you know. They refuse to allow themselves full emotional release because then they feel vulnerable, but you didn't come here to have a session....or did you, Tonya? I'd love to get you in front of a camera during a session...mmmmm.

Tonya:  *squirming in my arm chair*  We can chat later on that, I promise. So your sessions are erotic, if I'm hearing you correctly. Do your girls also participate in these sessions?

Lady C: That depends on how shy the newbie is. Sometimes I just let my girls introduce themselves to the newbies at a party I have at my home. It's more comfortable there and we can sit by the pool or in the hot tub. I hope your readers will enjoy meeting the girls in New Horizons. Sandi and Kiera are beautiful, but are still a bit on the shy side. *wink* I'll fix that, in time.

Tonya: Readers, there you have it. A little back story to make you want more. Stay tuned for the release of New Horizons, book two in 'Through His Lens' series. I'll be re-releasing book one soon as my publisher is going out of business and has turned the rights back over to all authors so we can self-publish or place the books with new publishers. I will be self-publishing both of these and working on book three.....Common Threads. My newsletter subscribers will be the first to know what's happening. Enjoy!

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