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        Thank you for stopping in. The above photo is Sondra from the cover of my books and is what readers relate to when they see the photo. I write sexy adult erotic romance with the reader in mind, hoping you can step into a world that might be different than yours. If so, perhaps it will help you get the courage to open dialogue with your partner so you can receive what you really want to happen between the two of you.    

      Writing allows me to share the erotic stories in my head with readers who love to read beyond their comfort zone once in a while. Yes, I include sex in my books. I promise to keep things interesting and will probably shock you on more than one occasion. I write in many genres and this is just one of them. Please enjoy my BDSM erotica series titled 'The Boss's Pet' which might hit home with some of you! *wink*

      My characters WILL pull you into the stories so you feel a part of what they do. Is that an exciting concept? I think so, too. You'll find author, and sometimes character interviews on my blog. Please visit those pages when you have time. I like to help out other authors when I can and my blog is a place to do that. I also have links to author sites that may interest you; please visit them, too.

      My NEWS tab will keep you up to date on what's happening with me and if you join my site, you can post in the Forum and meet other members. Please note that spamming posts will be deleted. This area is for readers to chat about books they enjoy reading and want to share with others.

      My Books tab will take you to pages for each of my series and other books where you'll find links to book trailers and adult excerpts. Feel free to share the links with your friends and I invite you to sign my guestbook if you enjoyed roaming around my pages.

      I hope you grab your very own downloads of my books to enjoy again and again! My books can be found at B & N, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Smashwords, and most online e-stores near you! **Erotic books have been changed by ALL online bookstores and readers now have to type into the search box things like: TONYA KINZER, ADULT BOOKS, ADULT, BDSM, FETISH, BONDAGE,  and PORNOGRAPHY - I hate it too, but they don't want children getting at the 'dirty' books! Visit My Books page or my Web Store tab for more buy links. Thank you for all your support. My books are moving up the charts, thanks to readers like you, and hope they will soon see the top 100! Thank you again! 

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