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Quotes Love your book it was the most captivating book I have ever read. Quotes
Loved it!

Quotes I have to say that your story was great! And I loved it! I came across it as I actually came to find I really enjoy erotic novels. I have a couple other stories and only one other is as detailed and on top of it all as yours. But what I love about yours, is that you not only portray how or what their sex life is, but you keep a story line with work, and at home and thoughts. Its as if you were watching it I guess lol or you could imagine yourself. I got many smiles out of this story and it brought many ideas to my own sex life. I love your work and hope you are still writing. Quotes
New ideas for my own bedroom

Quotes Tonya, you nailed it ( figuratively and literally ), the first step is admitting to yourself that you have those kinds of fantasies. It's not always easy if you have a mate who is vanilla, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Quotes
Sharing Among Friends

Quotes I had a chance to look at one of your eBooks online Tonya. You're a very talented writer. Consider me fan! Quotes
Another fan

Quotes Tonya, I just finished reading your books and I totally enjoyed them. Thank you for your gift of writing. I was wondering when the next book in the series would be out? Eagerly waiting to enjoy. Quotes
A new fan

Quotes When will there be more Boss,s Pet I have read them all. These are so much better than 50 shades, more detail, just couldn't put them down thank God for the kindle Quotes
Better than 50 Shades

Quotes Wow.......this is only the second BDSM book I have ever read. You are an excellent writer. It was racy enough to make me need a spanking but not too much for a first time subbie. Thanks Quotes
BDSM and more

Quotes A friend of mine opened my eyes to BDSM a couple years ago. I haven't had much experience since then but reading your books is very insightful. They have opened me up more to things that I never would have tried before. Please don't stop writing. I love your books. Sincerely, Quotes

Quotes Very good, good story, characters and description of life style...... Especially liked your take on the contract itself! Thru erotica such as this maybe vanilla can tolerate our lifestyle thru exposure! Thank you Quotes
The Boss's Pet: The Contract